As a creator with a wide range of experience in production. My team and I are able to facilitate the creation of a wide range of different styles of video content.

Below is three of the most common types of Photography content we are asked to capture.


Corporate refers to any type of non-advertisement based video content created for and commissioned by a business or organizations.


Promo / advertising videos are usually short-form content crafted specifically to drive engagement actions and captivate viewers of businesses, causes, products or organizations on social networks.


whether its a festivals, parties or community, or something in between. What better way to relive an event than with a beautifully produced, high resolution event video? These can be shared with customers, attendees, sponsors or reused in marketing campaigns to encourage attendance in future events.

Creative / INTEREST

this is a broad genera but often covers more creative pursuits music videos, performance pieces, video essays, a discussion with a person, or people, in an emotional way. It

Don’t see the style of video content you are after? or you are unsure where your project fits?

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