Corporate Video Production

“Corporate videos” might have you thinking of tall buildings, people in suits and executives, but we can do a whole lot more for your brand and goals whether you’re a start-up, global giant or anywhere else in between.

Here are some examples of the types of videos we can help create for you.

  • Corporate: non-advertisement based video content created for a business or organization. They are often intended for a specific audience rather than the general public.

  • Business overviews: letting your customers and prospects know who you are, what you stand for and where you came from, this is about telling your story.

  • Promotional: this is more inline with an add or commercial its all about showing off your product or service in a creative way.

  • Come work for us: videos designed to attract top applicants to come and work for your company.

  • Customer interview / Case studies: speaking with and recording your customers as advocates for your products or services which in turn provides a form of social proof and credibility for your brand.

  • Brand awareness you may wish to focus on a particular part of your business whether that be a service, product or key differentiator and our videos ensure you do just that. Use these videos as part of your campaigns, marketing or media releases.

  • Training we can help you build and then we produce training videos for your employers and contractors in line with induction programs or to ensure policies and procedures are being understood and followed.

  • Unsure where your project fits?

    Get in contact with us and we will help you figure that out.

Corporate Video examples


Who is - DT HiLoad

DT Hiload is a mining tray manufactured based in PERTH WA, they recently asked me to come in and create a company overview video for them to show off at an upcoming mining conference in Singapore.


LEDGE Finance - Pacific Steel Construction

I was recently asked by Ledge Finance to put together a video showing off there work for there Sydney based client, the steal manufacture “Pacific Steel Construction”


McIntosh and Son: Come Work for Us

We created this video for the lovely people at McIntosh & Son over 1000kms coverhing 1 city and 2 towns. Wonngan hills, Katanning & Perth.


Deloitte / Bankwest - Case Study

Recently I asked to come into the Bank-West office in Perth WA to direct and film a video about there implementation of the Deloitte way of working program.


Buchan Baker Report - Case Study

I was recently asked by Buchan to come film & interview Terry Lonergan at the Bakers Heart Institute Melbourne about his experience with having a heart attack.


Open Universities Australia + Curtin COURSE OVERVIEWS

Screen Arts at Curtin University

I was asked by Open universities Australia to come down and direct a series of videos designed to educate people about the different online study option they have at curtain university through OUA in this series of course overviews.

Professional Writing & Publishing at Curtin University


Cocoon Day Spa - Customer Testimonial

Recently I flew over to Adelaide to shoot a video for Cocoon spa and Wellness.

South Australia’s most welcoming, relaxing and luxurious day spa.

This is where the search for relaxation ends and the process of rejuvenation begins. Where you can detach from the cares of the world and unite body, mind and spirit. Where you can linger just an hour or two yet feel the benefits for the entire day or longer. This is where every minute counts and time stands still.



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