As a photographer with a wide range of experience in Photography. My team and I are able to facilitate the creation of a wide range of different styles of photo content.

Below is four of the most common types of Photography content we are asked to capture.


Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings.

It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage and or coverage of the wedding day events.


Social & Event photography is designed to document events and drive engagement of businesses, causes, products or organisations on social networks.

PORTRAITs / branding

Whether you are a brand, model, blogger or online personalty, Trendy portraits is there to capture you/ your brand in there very best light and interesting ways.


Live music photography has always been fun for me. capturing a bands energy, whilst working with the stage lights and musicians movements can lead to some killer images.

Don’t see the style of photography content you are after? or you are unsure where your project fits?

Contact us and we can help you narrow this down